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12- 15 May 2017

Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa


Revive Your Spirit

One Paradise Location. 4 Days Of Accelerated Personal Growth. Connect with A Global Community of Passionate Minds that Come Together Like Family.

IHYAA Retreats is organizes small intimate retreats focused on spirituality, rejuvenation and intensive personal development for spiritually-driven entrepreneurs. We gather great minds working on epic ideas improving our world and bring you to the Paradise Island of Langkawi for a 4-day life-changing retreat providing powerful mind-shifts and spiritual rejuvenation through intensive personal development workshops, morning adhkar and spiritual reflection, business training, and deep personal connections. We’re hoping to create a space for entrepreneurs to reinvigorate their mind, body and soul with other like-minded people.

4 Nights on the Beautiful Island of Langkawi

Disconnect from the world and connect with yourself! Our 4-days, 3 nights will be spent in beautiful Langkawi, Island also known as Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah, the largest of 99 Islands, 30km off the mainland coast of northwestern, Malaysia. Enjoy beautiful walks in nature, eat delicious local food at night markets, visit waterfalls, view gorgeous sights from cable cars or simply have a relaxing evening on beautiful crystal-clear beaches.

Why IHYAA? Rejuvenate Your Spirit & Business

We have all been there as entrepreneurs. Burnt-out, stressed, need some time away from technology and the busy day-to-day hustle to tap into ourselves again and remind ourselves why we do what we do. When you don’t grow, your business can’t grow. Success is something you attract, which requires intensive growth, recharging, reconnecting and reflection and reflection with people who deeply understand the roller coaster of the entrepreneurial experience, which is exactly what you get at IHYAA retreat – which literally means in Arabic, a true, refreshing revival of spirit.

 Who Is IHYAA For?

This retreat is for any spiritual or value-driven entrepreneur, professional or aspiring student entrepreneur who is looking to spend time before Ramadan to recharge, rejuvnate and re-assess their spiritual, emotional, financial goals with other like-minded entrepreneurs. You may want to refresh your goals for the rest of 2017, prepare yourself for Ramadan or simply deeply connect with yourself in nature. It’s a wonderful time to disconnect with our busy day-to-day life and reconnect with ourselves in a beautiful Paradise.

Take Yourself to the Next Level with Deeper Friendships, Adventure and Self-Awareness

Come enjoy a retreat  in a way you never have before: to significantly grow your ability to accomplish great things, to grow your business business and your impact, you have to grow.Our GIEEC Global Community is made up of amazing group of founders, changemakers, leaders, creatives, trailblazers and passionate entrepreneurs who are creating and want to create impact in our world. By attending IHYA, you are not just attending a one-off event. You’re joining a global community of people who believe what you believe in: making a difference in our world and individuals who can support you on your journey.